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I went to see Alistair for the first time last week, having never been to a chiropractor before and was very apprehensive about going. But his pleasant and calming manner and gentle approach to treatment put all my fears to rest, plus the fact that he is highly qualified .I definately would recommend him to anyone with leg and back problems etc and won't hesitate about going again. CS September 2012

I cannot recommend Alistair highly enough.  I have been a patient of his for many years having suffered from chronic neck & back back pain in a variety of forms  for over 25 years.   His thorough approach and targeted treatments have helped me to keep mobile which in turn helps keep me at work.   Having previously tried many other chiropractors and specialists over the years, I feel very fortunate that Alistair's Romsey practice is local to me. To put it simply, he offers the very best treatment.  You will not be disappointed! MF September 2012

Alistair keeps my husband, a self-employed plumber, and myself, a desk jockey going. We have been travelling to see him for years and a more gentle, pleasant man you couldn't hope to meet. He is the most highly qualified chiropractor that I know. We travel an hour each way to see him whenever we tweak anything and I actually look forward to my appointments because I know I will feel 10 times better when I leave. CR March 2012

Alistair has helped me to keep mobile over the years ,before & after back surgery, I have complete faith in him ! There is always a friendly welcome at his clinic. JS March 2012

Alistair is extremely good at dealing with neck and back pain, and he helped me by reducing pain and immobility, which was complicated by having quite a history of back and joint problems. He was especially effective putting my sacroiliac joints back in position which I appreciate more than I can say. He has a very pleasant manner, and you get a warm welcome at reception too. Alistair is extremely knowledgable and completely trustworthy, and I highly recommend him. GD Winchester Aug 2010

Could I take this opportunity to thank you for all your excellent help with those patients I have referred over the last few years. General Practitioner 2002

I am really grateful to Alistair after a really bad episode of back pain, following falling from my horse, he diagnosed  the problem. The chiropractic treatment was completely successful. I am now riding again with no pain, and have not needed to see him again, I have no doubt that with out his help I would still be suffering. He also advised me to see my doctor after taking my blood pressure, and I am now taking medication, rather reluctantly. SP Salisbury 2009

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